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Welcome to the new, intuitive world of fun-raising. OsmosVote offers you easy-to-use tools to quickly create fun and engaging fundraiser events.


Quick and Easy Setup

Simple Payment Setup

Integrated Sharing Tools

Get your next event started in just four steps!



Choose a non-profit to raise money for

Select from our extensive, auto-populated list of non-profits, or add yours.


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Enter the details of your event

Tell us who your event benefits, when it starts and who can enter.


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Add and collect entries

Manually add entries, or open your event to the public for entry collection. After approval, entries can be shared and voted on.



Go live with voting and share your event

Get the word out about your new event, and start collecting votes and donations.

Non-profits who have raised money through Osmos

Hassle-free events

Pulling off a traditional fundraiser requires massive amounts of time, money, and resources. Our events offer equal or greater reach but without most of the pain. Plus, you’ll never get stuck with 200 extra t-shirts or 50 lbs. of uneaten crab.

Easy Set Up

Creating an account and setting up a campaign takes minutes. Generally, your fundraiser can be up running in less than a day.

Eliminate Overhead, Red Tape, and Venue Costs

No permits, no caterers, no schlepping water bottles, no porta potties, no egos… Your organization starts making money with dollar one.

Reallocate Your Volunteers’ Time to Benefit Your Bottom Line

You’re not an event coordinator. With OsmosVote you can commit your resources and volunteers to wrangling participants and donors. You know… fundraising.

We make it easy to customize your event

One of our main goals is to make this process and simple yet customizable as possible. Anything from adding sponsors to linking out to social media platforms. We want to give you the keys to making your event feel more like what your companies core values and beliefs are. Some of the top features are:

Generate Receipts with Your Tax ID #

Get yourself ready to go for tax time with our easy receipt generator. This will provide the proper receipts for donors and event hosts alike.

Link Out to Major Social Media Platforms

Do you want to market your even on Instagram or Facebook? Well we make it easy to do so with a custom share link, which formats your event to the proper size of your desired social media platform!

Easily Add Sponsors

If you’ve started your event but forgot and did not yet have sponsors. Worry not! You can easily add sponsors as you need throughout the entire event.

ROI without the I

OSMOSvote charges 10% of the gross. There is no set- up fee. The more you raise for your cause the more money your organization gets to keep compared to traditional fundraisers with much higher costs. To help you have a successful event we provide Best Practices but if you need something special we’re here for you as well.
Votes cost $1 each with no limit. Ballot box stuffing is strongly encouraged.
We use Stripe as our payment processor. They charge an industry-standard 2.9% plus .30 per TRANSACTION. The average transaction in our typical fundraiser is over 20 dollars/20 votes. The money goes directly from Stripe into your bank account.

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