NCJW Purim Punim Fundraiser

What's a Purim Punim? 

Purim is the joyous Jewish festival that commemorates the survival of the Jews against Persian rulers in 5th century BCE.  Central to the story is our heroine, Esther, who risked her life to save her people.

Punim is a Yiddish word for face, or more specifically, a cute face. 

We've combined these things --  faces of strong women in Purim-themed costumes -- to raise money for the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), Sacramento Section.  

NCJW's mission is to improve the lives of women, children, families, and the disenfranchised through advocacy, education, and community service.

One of the customs associated with Purim is exchanging gifts of food and drink with others and donating to those in need.  Funds raised through our Purim Punim fundraiser will support NCJW's efforts to address hunger and many other needs of the most vulnerable in our region. 

So, check out the Portrait Gallery and vote for your favorite Purim-themed punims!  

Votes are only $1 each - this is one contest where voting early and often is completely kosher!

Sorry, voting closed for this campaign.

Top entries for the overall campaign and each individual category.