2021 Joining Us! BOA Announcer Challenge

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Your donation to Music for All allows us to continue to fulfill our mission and create new ways to serve students and music educators. Music for All is about building leaders who will guide the world. Our world needs the kind of inspiring leaders that are created through music education. The “Joining Us! BOA Announcer Challenge” is a fundraiser that will help ensure that Music for All and Bands of America can continue to provide positively life-changing experiences for children and teens, now and in the future.

Voting Rounds
Prelims Voting (Round 1): November 15th – November 27th at 8 PM EST
Semi-Finals Voting with top 30 (Round 2): November 29th – December 4th at 8 PM EST
Finals Voting with Top 12 (Round 3): December 6th  – December 11th at 8 PM EST

Sorry, voting closed for this campaign.

Top entries for the overall campaign and each individual category.